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CHEATING; how to beat the p & g gauge

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Posted 05 January 2005 - 12:51 PM

I found this neat thread on 4m.net here are some of the posts........

CHEATING; how to beat the p & g gauge

There are several ways some include:

1. Drill a small hole thur one exhaust valve and have them puff that cylinder
2. Drill a hole thur the side of the head into the cumbustion camber (like a down nozzle for a sprint car injector) and install a removeable plug. Remove plug before they do the P&G.
3. If they don't make you remove all the spark plugs and wire, let the engine fire up it will blow the piston and o-ring out of the puffer. Just be ready for it and have several pit guys ready to pick up and stick in pocket. Then they can't finish the P&G.
4. If they let you install the fitting into the spark plug hole have another one similar to it with a hole drilled in the side of it(or a very small hole thur fitting). Simply install the one you have (with hole in side) instead of the one he gives you. You just need a little slight of hand.
5. Holding a valve slightly open as already suggested.
6. If they are using the your racecars temp gauge for the temp readings use a cold rag (dipped in the beer cooler) and lay it on the intake manifold were the temp sending unit is, this will allow the engine to be hotter then what they are reading and make the calculation to come up small.
7. Have someone sit in car and drag the brakes will cranking over the engine. (Has to be in gear and on jacks) or drag with bert or brinn trans while in gear and holding the brakes (may ruin clutch discs)

While this isn't intended to help you cheat it is interesting finding ways to beat things. All of these will work and have been done some time or another, I seen all of them except the hole in the valve deal but have heard of it.

I'm sure some others will share some other trick ideas or rumors.


pump gas pedal down 10 full times, i know bloomquist and a engine builder came up with this in the 1980's while it was on a dyno and it worked


Or just click on the following link for the full discussion.....


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Posted 05 January 2005 - 01:54 PM

Well trick that is all fine for a tech guy who dosent have a clue. Myself and the other tech guy use a temp. probe in the spark plug hole, then install the adaptor, put the hose on and then blow into the hose to make sure it holds pressure. Then with one finger in the top of the p&g have someone crank the engine over and if they pump the gas pedal DQ instantly no questions. Starting this year on our big shows the cars will be pumped before they are started for hot laps as soon as they unload from the trailer. This should eliminate any confussion on trying to convert the temp table.
duelly 8)

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